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There are two popular types of blind used in most office environments. Vertical blinds are still used widely and have the advantage of fitting very large windows at a relatively low cost. They are available in a wide range of fabrics, some with black out backing which is particularly suited to training rooms.

The other type of popular blind is the venetian blind or slatted blind. The slats generally come in 3 widths, 16mm, 25mm and 35mm and they are easy to wipe down and very cost effective. Our standard blinds are made from aluminium and come in a wide range of colours. They can be perforated, allowing a little light to trickle through whilst still cutting down the glare. Venetian blinds are often fitted in the cavity of our double glazed partitioning where the turn and tilt action provide privacy, when needed, for the occupant of the office.

More recently, wooden slatted blinds have become popular in offices as well as in restaurants, hotels and even homes. Whether they be real wood or faux wood they are a simple yet attractive way to cut down on glare in the workplace.

We also provide a range of roman blinds and roller blinds which come in literally every colour of the rainbow. These are another option for keeping glare at bay but they can be incorporated into your colour palette.

Pleated blinds are a more unusual window dressing in the workplace but their neat design, combined with an extensive colour range makes them ideal for the modern workplace environment, particularly on smaller windows.

For training rooms we offer a range of blackout blinds and semi blackout blinds. These can simply be an over-sized roller blind in a black out fabric or may include a frame where total darkness is required.


Blinds are not always the answer where window treatments are concerned. At CID we offer a wide range of films to most glass related issues. Where heat and glare are excessive we have a range of solar films and where security is the issue we can provide safety, security and bomb blast films. Where privacy is essential, either within your workplace or to shield equipment from prying eyes we can fit frosted film in a range of grades and colours. To hi-light glass panels and doors our manifestation is a must to ensure that you comply with the regulations. Whatever your requirement just contact us and we will provide a solution.



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